I am Troy.
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Light & interaction design empowers me to create positive experiences, products and installations.

I am available to design, manage, and realize light/interaction related products and installations.


Interactive Light Installation which plays with the senses through a platform that controls the tilt of the room. Featured on Glow Eindhoven 2012.

Function Team leader Visualization Hard- and Software

The projections on the building compensates for the tilt of the platform to let the people experience an unusual feeling when they step of the platform.

Our world is in a constant state of transformation. Most of the time, our view of the world will change parallel to this transformation. The changes in the world are often propelled us as an individual, group, generation or country. Are we aware of the influence we have on our environment? The installation allows you to experience and admire this influence by joining forces with others.

Your acts have meaning!

Students of the Intelligent Lighting Institute of Eindhoven University of Technology want to make visitors of GLOW 2012 think about the amount of control we have on the changing fa├žade of the world. The visitors will be able to experience individual and collective influence on the world around them by collectively replacing weight.