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Light of Oda

Light Installation which re-establishes the role of the church in the commercial center, to enhance the atmospher of a pittoresk town in the Netherlands. Featured in Sint-Oedenrode in 2012.

Function Co-designer and Implementer

Currently the chapel of Oda is hidden behind the church. We wanted to re-establish the connection between the church and the stores in the center of Sint-Oedenrode and tell the story of Oda.

The light of Oda origins from the Light that appeared above Oda’s grave, and which made the people consider her holy. The ghost of Oda wanders through the church, which creates an interesting light spectacle that can be seen from outside the church. On the front window it appears that she rises and hides, the organ resembles the crown; it’s red and has the heart pulse of Oda’s beloved father, the King of Scotland.

In cooperation with Wisse Trooser and Har Holands, as part of an Openlight project.

Video will be updated to include the different views of the church through which the ghost of Oda wanders.