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Light & interaction design empowers me to create positive experiences, products and installations.

I am available to design, manage, and realize light/interaction related products and installations.

Prima Luce

An interactive desk lamp which adapts the lighting to the users needs, connected to the desk on a single leg to keep the lamp unobstrusive and appear lightweighted. This lamp is made possible through current developments in light, sensor and computing technologies, allowing the design of new lighting (interfaces) that are not only more energy efficient but also better adapted to the lighting needs of its users. During my Master I researched the possibilities of a luminaire that could adapt itself to the user’s wants and needs.

The luminaire gives people working in an office environment the lighting they want and need to perform specific tasks. The system incorporated in the luminaire recognizes what activity the user is performing and loads the lighting profile that fits the wants of the user, including the area of the desk that is lit, and the intensity and color temperature of the light. The user has an intuitive control allowing him or her to quickly change the light suiting the task best, these settings will be applied to the corresponding activity.

The luminaire is designed such that it covers the whole desk, focusing on a single user. The design is made lightweight by giving it only one leg which also connects to the controls that are embedded in the foot. The following video demonstrates