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Light & interaction design empowers me to create positive experiences, products and installations.

I am available to design, manage, and realize light/interaction related products and installations.

Per Meter 01

Many contemporary luminaires look exactly the same as those designed before LED lighting became accepted. We took on this challenge and have introduced an inventive and cozy lamp that is inspired by LED strips, which allows light to be purchased by the meter. To match this detail the luminaire is called, ‘Per Meter 01’.

Function: Co-designer 

‘Per Meter 01’ is a modular lighting system that allows you to fully customize the light you want in your space to match your personal taste. ‘Per Meter 01’ can be attached to any wall or hung from your ceiling, and in all situations is capable of shining light into many specific directions.

To achieve this effect jack-plugs are used, such as those used in guitars, on either end of each lamp to allow each lamp to transfer light into the next beam. You can connect up to 4 lamps with one power supply. Then to mount the beams, magnets are used to turn the beams into either wall or pendant lamps. This is only possible due to the careful selection of Asian Cedar wood used in the beam, as it is lightweight enough to comfortably hang from the strong magnets. And by using a special filter, the LED lights in the lamp appear rather as a slim, dimmable streak of light, than a series of dots.  

Straight lines or playfully placed at an angle?  From a single attractive beam above the couch, to multiple beams forming a geometric artwork, which plays with light streaks on the wall? Or a series of elements above the desk in your office. This clever and ingenious lamp can be varied upon every meter.